JUHO Hard Seltzer

You might not realise it right now, but this is the drink you’ve been waiting for. Crisp, light, flavourful and desperately refreshing.

Crafted from premium ingredients and natural fruit, JUHO hard Seltzer makes beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails so last year. And there’s no reason or excuse needed to enjoy a JUHO.

It’s so desperately refreshing It’s perfect for every occasion. Even more perfect when there isn’t any occasion. Hence our simple credo: “Celebrate Nothing”.

NOSE Yes, we all have one. And if you’re drinking Juho you’ll be too busy drinking it to waste time smelling it.
TASTE The Lemon is perfectly Lemony with a bright citrus zing to it.

The apple is based on golden delicious…(Google it). It’s perfect.

And as for the peach, it’s tastes more like peaches than peaches taste.

BALANCE Ahh…this we can talk about…
It has a perfect balance of dryness, matched by a level of carbonation designed to refresh and enhance the real fruit flavours.