Caves d’Esclans


Whispering Angel

GRAPE VARIETY Grenache, Cinsault & Vermentino
NOSE The siren-like fresh aroma and notes of citrus and pink grapefruit.
TASTE Fresh red berry fruit characteristics with floral notes. Ripe and fleshy feel on the palate. Great concentration. Smooth and round finish. No astringent aftertaste.

Rock Angel

GRAPE VARIETY Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle, Syrah
NOSE Delicate red berry aromas with mineral notes, along with floral hints and a subtle spice.
TASTE Rich and racy on the palate. The use of partial oak aging adds a creamy feel and texture to this wine, and the flinty minerality embues it with another layer of complexity. Powerful and elegant. Firm acidity with a long and silky finish.


GRAPE VARIETY Grenache, Rolle
NOSE Concentrated aromas and flavors of dried citrus, peaches and passion fruit give this rosé a powerful nose.
TASTE A bright acidity with glazed pear and pineapple filling the mid palate. Garrus’ toasty notes are reminiscent of a vintage Champagne without the bubbles. A long, vertical texture with a creamy finish that features rich, spicy notes. Powerful and elegant.

Les Clans

GRAPE VARIETY Grenache Rolle
NOSE Ripe red berry aromas with toasty and hazel nut notes.
TASTE Full-bodied, yet elegant. Ripe pineapple and ginger notes with hints of black licorice, making for a rich and exotic palate. Elegant, long a juicy with a suave finish.

The Palm

GRAPE VARIETY Grenache, Cinsault & Syrah
NOSE A delicate fruitiness and a light perfume.
TASTE Great aromatic freshness, with a crisp acidity.