Label 5

Classic Black

LABEL 5 Classic Black is a Blended Scotch Whisky which is delightfully smooth with subtle smoke influences and a delicate fruity character. Speyside malts are the backbone to this blend.

COLOR Vibrant gold.
NOSE Delicate notes of fruits laced with peat and freshly baked shortbread.
TASTE A delightfully balanced blend, initial flavours of fruit and vanilla followed by a slight smoky sensation emerging.
FINISH Long and smooth with a hint of wood smoke.

Bourbon Barrel

LABEL 5 Bourbon Barrel is a Single Grain Scotch Whisky, developed with the know-how and expertise of our fully-owned grain distillery near Edinburgh. The best grains are selected, distilled and aged for several years, exclusively in first-fill Bourbon barrels in our Scottish cellars.

COLOR Chestnut brown with golden glints.
NOSE Vanilla and wood, with subtle fruity notes.
TASTE Smooth with flavours of vanilla and hints of oak.
FINISH Wood notes.

Gold Heritage

LABEL 5 Gold Heritage is a rich blend of malt and grain Whiskies selected by our Master Blender for their unique character and intense depth of flavours. Created with passion and care, it offers a unique taste experience with a smooth finish.

COLOR Burnished copper.
NOSE Subtle spice, cinnamon infused blackcurrants combined with creamy vanilla ice cream.
TASTE A superb combination of rich sweet oak and toasted spices laced with the slightest hint of peat smoke.
FINISH Satisfyingly long and smooth.

12 Year Old

LABEL 5 12 Year Old is an exceptional Scotch Whisky fully matured in oak casks for over 12 years. During this process, and under the constant care of the Master Blender, it acquires its incomparable smoothness and lingering finish.

COLOR Medium amber.
NOSE Wonderful balance of oak, smoke and crushed fruit berries.
TASTE Creamy smoothness with lingering flavours of fruits and oak smoke.
FINISH Long, generous and rich.

18 Year Old

LABEL 5 18 Year Old is an exquisite blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies, fully matured in oak casks for more than 18 years. It has perfectly balanced woody notes enriched with the smooth and creamy flavour of a home-made summer fruit sponge cake.

COLOR Old gold.
NOSE Subtle woody notes of cedar with vanilla and mellow smoke.
TASTE Well-balanced with delicate toasted oak aromas. Smooth flavours of vanilla sponge cake & fruits cooked with spices.
FINISH Warm, long and incredibly balanced.