Wint & Lila


London Dry Gin

The Andalusian Gin Made With Orange Blossom and Peppermint.

NOSE It is transparent, clean and bright, with light and complex aromas, among which the combination of juniper and the freshness of mint and orange blossom stand out.
TASTE Smooth and unctuous on the palate, it is refreshing and with a subtly herbaceous and citrus aftertaste.
FINISH Smooth and delicate, with refreshing notes and an herbaceous, citrus finish.

Strawberry Gin

Wint & Lila London Dry Gin Recipe Featuring A Generous Helping of Strawberry Deliciousness At Its Core.

It is made with a selection of natural strawberries from Huelva (Spain), which are macerated in demijohns and distilled in 200-year-old stills. The result is a delicious gin with an intense natural colour.

COLOR Bright Pink
TASTE On the palate, it has refreshing notes and a herbaceous and citrus finish.
FINISH A balanced combination of angelica root, orange blossom, peppermint, juniper berries and strawberries.
ALCOHOL 37.5 %