Douglas Green


Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense blackcurrant succulence

COLOR Deep ruby with a bright edge.
NOSE Intense dark berries and blackcurrant aromas with attractive gentle smoky oak notes.
TASTE A succulent medium bodied entry with delicious winterberry flavours supported by well-defined ripe tannins for a softly textured juicy finish that lingers.
FOOD PAIRING A supple Cabernet Sauvignon with vibrant fruit and soft tannins allowing for easy drinking on its own or with your favourite sizzling steak, meaty roasts with rich gravy, hearty stews or tomato based Italian food. Drinking well now or within 3 years of vintage.


Well rounded and graceful with discernible depth and balanced freshness.

COLOR Bright gold with youthful flashes of green.
NOSE Tropical pineapple and honey melon aromas explode on entry.
TASTE Yields cohesive delicate lemon lime flavours tinged with subtle oak complexity and a generous yet graceful zesty fruit finish.
FOOD PAIRING Enjoy in the freshness of youth with full flavoured firm fish with herb or creamy sauces, pan fried veal picatta, roast chicken or creamy pasta dishes. Drinking well now but may develop further honeyed richness for up to 3 years.

Chardonnay Viognier

Gorgeous juicy peaches and cream with lemon and lime brightness

COLOR Bright gold with a youthful green glow.
NOSE A generous nose of sunny citrus, fleshy yellow peach and tropical pineapple aromas with gentle white pear and spice carried through to the palate.
TASTE Well balanced, fruity and fresh through to a playful citrus finish.
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
FOOD PAIRING A soft dry white blend that is best enjoyed well chilled for effortless enjoyment. A great versatile blend that suits all seasons and most social occasions, particularly delicious with fish and chips, sushi, creamy chicken pie, mild Thai curries and Chinese take-out.

Chenin Blanc

Friendly, fruity and fresh

COLOR Pale gold with a vibrant green glow.
NOSE Exuberant passion fruit, ripe peaches and pineapple on first impression.
TASTE Embellished with honey suckle grace that carries through to a generous yet well-tempered palate. Packed ripe fruit flavours freshened up by a tangy citrus acidity on the finish.
ALCOHOL 12.5 %
FOOD PAIRING An easy drinking white that is fresh and fruity. Great served well chilled for social enjoyment and absolutely delicious with sushi or shellfish as well as roast chicken pie or macaroni and cheese. Drinking well now, may develop further honeyed richness for up to 3 years.

Cinsaut Pinotage

Spicy liquirice and winter spice woven into a juicy black cherry fruit core

NOSE Crushed summer berry and ripe plums aromas with delicate vanilla spice and earthy undertones on the nose.
TASTE Experience a medium bodied explosion of red berry flavours offset by a hint of spice on the palate. Well balanced silky mouthfeel with soft ripe tannins.
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
FOOD PAIRING A smooth easy drinking red blend. Enjoy on its own or with pasta, pizza, duck and a variety of red meat dishes.


Smooth, supple and succculently fruity

COLOR Bright garnet with a bright strawberry rim.
NOSE Packed with juicy black cherry and fleshy plum aromas
TASTE On the palate with plush mulberry and spice flavours interwoven with soft, ripe tannins and subtle oak intrique for a smooth and juicy finish.
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
FOOD PAIRING A soft and juicy medium bodied red that is ready to drink now or within a year or two from vintage. Great for social sipping around the fire, or with sticky ribs, roast lamb, pizza or pasta.


Smooth & juicy redolent red and black berries from the Cape’s unique varietal

COLOR Attractive crimson depth with a purple hue on the rim.
NOSE Generous ripe strawberry and raspberry fruit on the nose brushed with dark chocolate and caramel hints.
TASTE Plush and juicy on entry with an ample mouthful of juicy fruit well supported by soft, ripe tannins and discreet oak spice finishing with soft sleek cherry and berry flavours.
FOOD PAIRING Soft and fruity allowing immediate easy social enjoyment on its own or with smoked spicy sausages, meaty pasta dishes, lamb chops or cottage pie. Drinking at its best within 3 years of vintage.


A pink explosion of juicy red berries from South Africa’s unique grape variety

COLOR Pretty salmon pink with a feint orange shimmer.
TASTE Exuberant crushed summer berries, glacé cherries, Turkish delight and a delicate spiciness that carries through to a surge of redolently ripe berry flavours finishing with a delicious fruity intensity that is softly off dry and succulent.
ALCOHOL 12.5 %
FOOD PAIRING An irresistible off dry rosé gushing with sociable likability almost anywhere, anytime but particularly delicious when enjoyed well chilled as the perfect summer wine. Enjoy outdoors at picnics, at the beach, at barbecues with smoked salmon and sushi, chicken salad or sweet and sour Chinese takeout.

Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh & frisky dry white packed with personality

COLOR Pale gold with a vibrant green tinge.
NOSE Overt pineapple, gooseberry and granadilla aromas.
TASTE A crisp dry entry and a surge of tangy tropical flavours that finish with a feisty acidity and delicate citrus twang.
FOOD PAIRING A light bodied effortless dry white that is delicious served well chilled as a refreshing aperitif or easy drinking quaffer. Great with any sushi, fish or seafood as well as lemon and herb chicken, pesto inspired Italian dishes or fresh asparagus and green salads. Best enjoyed within 2 years of vintage.


Dark ruby with a bright crimson rim.

COLOR Deep ruby with a bright edge.
NOSE Enticing blackcurrant pastilles and blueberries embellished by a subtle oak spice
TASTE A firm yet friendly entry with juicy plum and mulberry flavours supported by well-defined ripe tannins allowing a succulent slightly textured fruity finish.
FOOD PAIRING A well-structured Shiraz that is full yet friendly, allowing for immediate drinking now and potential to soften further for up to 3 years from vintage. Vibrant and fruity on its own or with roast peppered fillet, beef espetadas, venison or ostrich pie, or smoked meats.

Sunkissed Natural Sweet Red

GRAPE VARIETY 50% Cinsaut, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
TASTE Sink into this deliciously smooth and juicy red blend packed with succulent summer berry aromas that make way to a sumptuous mouthful of sweet juicy plums and soft oak spice flavours.
FOOD PAIRING Chill slightly in summer for effortless social sipping or cosy up with it in winter around a roaring fire.

Sunkissed Natural Sweet Rosé

GRAPE VARIETY 50% Pinotage, 50% Merlot
TASTE An irresistible juicy natural sweet rosé, Douglas Green Sunkissed Rosé is a pretty cherry pink with tempting crushed strawberry and Turkish delight aromas that explode in succulent candied red berry flavours. The light alcohol makes this easy drinking and a great lunch time wine.
FOOD PAIRING The absolute approachable nature of Douglas Green Sunkissed Rosé holds broad appeal for the novice palate or even non-wine drinker. A fantastic summer sipper served ice cold, or with picnics, curried chicken salads, BBQ burgers and sticky ribs.

Sunkissed Natural Sweet White

GRAPE VARIETY 36% Chenin Blanc, 36% Colombard, 28% Gewurztraminer
TASTE A composition of luscious lemony flavours on the nose, voluptuous grape sweetness with pineapple and honey on the tongue. Full sweetness is well balanced by a pleasing crisp finish. Low alcohol makes this wine very accessible and easy to drink.
ALCOHOL 7.55 %
FOOD PAIRING Sunkissed can be enjoyed on her own as an aperitif, after a long days work, with good company and fabulous food. Also greate with crème brûlée as dessert.