Lolea Nº1

A delicious frizzante sangria crafted with Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, Mediterranean citrus, and a touch o cinnamon.

COLOR Red cherry color
Clear, neat, bright and attractive with a fine constant bubble.
NOSE Nice, intense aromas
Keeping its fresh wine essence, with a cherry touch, orange rind, lemon sweet, cinnamon and sour strawberry.
TASTE Full-bodied and ample on the palate, Lolea confirms all the olfactory suspicions, following them with the experience of a wide array of ripe red berries and blue flowers, where you appreciate the noblest part of the wine and tannins. It has a very silky carbonic composition and slightly bitter finish that invites you to enjoy it.

Lolea Nº2

A different sangria made with Macabeo and Airen frizzante white wine, Mediterranean citrus and a touch of vanilla.

COLOR Unique personality
Clear, neat, bright and attractive with a fine constant bubble.
NOSE Elegant and balanced
Keeping its fresh wine essence, with a touch of vanilla, jasmine and apricot.
TASTE An aromatic Mediterranean grape wine is used for the base and a subtle hint of vanilla blends with essential citrus aromas of lemon and orange, without losing freshness. The result is a very balanced and elegant. with a persistent flavour and fragrance, hints of jasmine, apricot and loquat, and a great balance between acidity and sweetness.

Lolea Nº3 BRUT

A new cocktail concept where frizzante white wine is infused with elderflower and wild apples to get a hint of fruity dry nuances.

COLOR Clear and brilliant with golden shades.
NOSE Background hints of green give it a youthful character and lead you to a world of herbal and fruity aromas.
TASTE Balanced and gentle
For dreamy palates. A pleasant but rich wine character, with green apple, cinnamon and elderflower which adds deepness and maturity.
The result is a fresh tart flavour, slightly sweet at the start and with fine persistent bubbles.

Lolea Nº4 Organic Garnacha

A delicious Lolea variety, that’s 100% organic. Crafted with Grenache from ecological vineyards, mixed with natural lemon juice and cardamom.

NOSE For demanding palates
The hint of citrus and spice in combination with the carbonization respect the flavor of the fruit and structure of the Garnacha
TASTE Disguised complexity
A silky carbonic composition with a perfectly integrated touch that takes us to a long ending where we meet ripe fruit, specifically plum and blackberry with a scent of licorice.

Lolea Nº5 Rosé

A sophisticated rosé wine cocktail made from Grenache and Tempranillo grapes, with hibiscus flower scents and a spicy ginger background taste that ends with a sparkling touch that’s floral, sweet, and surprising.

COLOR Soft pink color.
NOSE Flowers, fruits and spices
They mix together in this sophisticated, fragrant cocktail with an attractive soft pink color in a “Coté de Provence” style.
TASTE Definitely elegant
Low tannin content, fresh and pale color, with the exact acidity touch accompanied by a silky fine bubble that results in an intriguing sip.