Mud House


Pinot Gris


COLOR Pale straw.
NOSE Spicy apple, pear and orange blossom.
TASTE Juicy and lively palate that provides a complex and unctuous finish.
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
FOOD PAIRING Asian prawn and ginger dumplings.

Pinot Noir


COLOR Ruby red.
NOSE Aromas of bold cherry and fresh red berries are underpinned by savoury notes and spicy oak.
TASTE Dark fruit flavours flow into a smooth palate, delivering a long finish with fine tannins and juicy acidity.
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
FOOD PAIRING Coq au vin with creamy mashed potatoes.

Sauvignon Blanc


COLOR Pale straw.
NOSE Notes of fresh snow pea, nettles and tropical guava.
TASTE The front palate is peppered with notes of melon and citrus, while the crisp grapefruit-like acidity lingers and adds texture.
ALCOHOL 12.5 %
FOOD PAIRING Fresh crumbed fish with a crisp green salad and tangy vinaigrette.