Ramón Bilbao



An updated classic, aged in American-oak casks. Versatile, fruity and balanced. A wine made to be enjoyed at any time with the aroma and taste of the best Rioja tempranillo.

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Tempranillo Riojano.
COLOR Ruby-red with violet hues and medium depth of colour. Clear and bright sheen with signs of tears.
NOSE Medium aromatic intensity. Clean, open nose with aromas of black and red fruit, nutshells and certain floral notes. The cask contributes sweet aromas of nutmeg, vanilla and even reminders of cinnamon.
TASTE Pleasant, medium intensity and acidity. Well integrated alcohol. The fruity and spicy notes reappear in the retrosanal phase.
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
FOOD PAIRING Charcuterie and mild cheeses, meats like lamb and even blue fish.
Best serve at 16 – 18 °C.

Gran Reserva

A wine which is only produced in excellent vintages and which in its soul holds the tradition, craftsmanship and magic of time.

GRAPE VARIETY 90% Tempranillo
10% Mazuelo y Graciano
COLOR Deep maroon colour, bright, presenting tears.
NOSE Clean and frank. Aromatic complexity, with red fruits (redcurrants, cherries and raspberries), black fruits, sweet spices (nutmeg and vanilla), and notes of oak, toffee and coffee.
TASTE A long, full-bodied wine. Good quality, with acidic balance and well-rounded tannins. In summary, this is a harmonic wine, which is perfect for drinking but also has great ageing potential.
FOOD PAIRING Perfect match for red meat, mature cheeses, barbecues and game dishes.
Best serve at 17 – 18 °C.


A wine which combines the classic Rioja ingredients to perfection, such as the tempranillo and American oak, to which we add our own unique personality.

GRAPE VARIETY 90% Tempranillo y
10% mazuelo and graciano.
COLOR Garnet red colour with medium-high depth. Clear and bright with signs of tears.
NOSE High intensity with notes of fresh black and red fruit. Aromas of sweet spices, vanilla, brioche, cumin, mentholated nuances and wild herbs.
TASTE Fresh, intense, good acidity, ripe tannin and integrated alcohol. The red fruit and sweet spices reappear in the retronasal phase. It is balanced, harmonious, ready to drink now but with great cellaring potential.
FOOD PAIRING Perfect match for red meat, mature cheeses, barbecues and game dishes.
Best serve at 17 – 18 °C.


Made with the aim of recovering a classic Rioja Alta wine, with the pale hues of the rosé wine and the power of its subtlety.

GRAPE VARIETY 85% Garnacha
15% Viura
COLOR Salmonpink colour, pale intensity. Clear and bright sheen with some slight signs of tears.
NOSE Its aromas are frank and clean. Medium intensity. Notes of white fruit (pear, apple) and red fruits (redcurrants, strawberries), as well as citrus fruits and white flowers (chamomile).
TASTE Refreshing, balanced acidity. Citric and red fruit aromas in retronasal. It is a harmonic wine with a good balance of acidity and structure.
ALCOHOL 12.5 %
FOOD PAIRING Ideal as an aperitif and with cold dishes such as white asparagus, shellfish salad, grilled vegetables, beef carpaccio or risottos.
Best serve at 7 – 8 °C.


A verdejo which surprises you with its marked floral and herbal character, compared to the rest of the D.O. which maintains more tropical and aniseed notes

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Verdejo
COLOR Yellowish-green in colour with medium intensity. It is a clean and brilliant wine presenting tears.
NOSE Intensely fruity, with herbal notes of fennel and aniseed and the presence of citric aromas and white flowers.
TASTE This full-bodied and oily wine is fresh and displays balanced acidity. In afternose, its citric and herbal aromas reappear.
FOOD PAIRING Perfect with an aperitif or to accompany cold dishes such as cream soups, steamed vegetables, salads, creamy cheeses or white meat.
Best serve at 7 – 9 °C.