Schloss Vollards


Volrats Riesling

The front label shows the oldest drawing of Schloss Vollrads – formerly named “Volratz“ – found on an old map from 1573 alsoshowing the course of the Rhine river.

GRAPE VARIETY 100 % Riesling
TASTE The Volratz is a refreshing, dry Rheingau Riesling with a crisp and mineral character showing fruits of ripe apples and stonefruit.
FOOD PAIRING We recommend this wine for every day enjoyment. It is also an ideal partner fora pleasant barbecue.

Sommer Riesling

GRAPE VARIETY 100 % Riesling
TASTE Sommer is exactly like its name suggested. It represents the ultimate summer refreshment with full bouquet of juicy peaches and grape fruits on the nose. The vibrant acidity dancing on the palette is not only refreshing but also great chasing off the summer heat. The moderate alcohol content, the crispiness, and the combination of heat relieving fruits make Sommer a great company on a hot summer day.
ALCOHOL 11.8 %
FOOD PAIRING Nice along with seafood and Mediterranean salads.

Riesling Qualitätswein Feinherb Semidry

GRAPE VARIETY 100 % Riesling
TASTE Light as tiptoeing on the lotus leaves. The Riesling is a delight with the aromas of pale peaches and green apples. The vibrant, salivary acidity not only gives the wine great balance with the subtle sweetness but also makes it a great company for summer. A splendid companion to various dishes of local or international style. Our GUTSWEIN (estate wine) is a selection of Riesling grapes from the complete range of our vineyard property.
ALCOHOL 10.5 %
FOOD PAIRING Delicious with Asian and Mediterranean influenced cuisine as well as to seafood, fresh salads and pasta dishes.

Riesling Qualitätswein Fruity Sweet VDP Gutswein

GRAPE VARIETY 100 % Riesling
TASTE It doesn’t always have to be dry! This Riesling captivates the palate with its full fruit aroma of yellow apples, vineyard peach and whiteblossoms. With its well-balanced sweetness and acidity, this wine is a real pleasure to drink. Tastes great solo or with spicy, hot dishes.
FOOD PAIRING A suitable complement to spicy Asian dishes (soup meat or stir-fry) as well as to mild blue cheese. Well chilled, it also makes an excellent aperitif.